About our Competence Center Berlin


Impressions of our training courses

Drywall Builder including Full-heat Insulation
Our course participants learn many different techniques in drywall building. Furthermore they acquire new skills in full-heat insulation. Our picture gallery should provide an insight.

Formwork setter
There is a national and international growing demand for highly trained and specialised personnel in modern formwork. Our course teaches modern techniques in formwork. The world leaders in formwork are PERI and Doka. Course participants learn with formwork-elements from PERI and Doka.

Service Technician for Mobile Construction
Show corporation are travelling for years with great logistical achievement. So they need highly qualified staff. Our extravagantly qualification course is unique in Europe in the field of event and stage technology, chapiteau. We, the European Association for Vocational and Social Education r.s., have presented the qualification course on the International Circus-Festival in Monte Carlo (see News) and caused a furore. Many companies are very interested and new cooperation agreements are concluded.

Fibre-reinforced plastics
Principles of light construction with fibre-reinforced plastics play an ever greater role with double-digit growth rates. The participants of our qualification course learn the theory and construction principles to polymers with emphasis on fibre-reinforced plastics. To get a deeper understanding of special design features, our qualification course includes a laboratory course in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland e.V and the Technical University Berlin. During this laboratory course participants produce fibre-reinforced plastics theirselves.